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Introducing WaFoo...

Blending Japanese philosophy
into a variety of music styles to create
lyrical, aesthetic and delightful sound
for body and soul

WaFoo, literally meaning "wind of Japan" or simply "Japanese style," is a unique and extraordinary ensemble of seven talented New York based musicians, each of whom has performed all over the world, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Upcoming Concert

WaFoo & MCCE:

WaFoo & MCCE: The Passion

Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble with guests WaFoo
Featuring World Premieres by Kazuo Nakamura & Takeshi Asai

Tamara Keshecki: flute
Lucy Corwin: violin
Madeline Casparie: cello

Kazuo Nakamura: bass
Takeshi Asai: piano
Yuuki Koike: flute & sax

Sunday, Jan. 28th, 2018
2:00 - 3:00 PM

General $15, Museum Member $12, Student under 22yrs old $5)

Staten Island Museum
1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY

Queens Library International Resource Center presents

WaFoo: Japanese Fusion Music and Beyond

Featuring distinctive Japanese traditional instrument 'Koto' and Taiko' Drums, the concert will present the original music of WaFoo, which is a unique mixture of Japanese philosophy with a variety of music styles. As the most of the audience commented on their past concerts, the music will be soothing, beautiful, inspiring and absolutely enjoyable.

This program is made possible with a grant from Queens Library

Feb. 18th, 2018

2:00 - 3:00 PM (Free Admission)

Queens Flushing Library
International Resource Center *Auditorium, Lower Level*
41-17 Main Street
Flushing, NY
Auditorium - Free Admission

Composers Now

Fund for the City of New York

The Composers Now Festival celebrates living composers, the diversity of their voices, and the significance of their musical contributions to our society. During the month of February, the Festival brings together myriad performances ranging in genre from jazz to indie, classical to post-classical, experimental to folk, and beyond. Composers will be in attendance at all events. Composers Now is a project partner of The Fund for the City of New York.

WaFoo Concert at School in Greenwich CT

Friday Feb. 23rd, 2018 - New Lebanon School

TBA, 2018 - Julian Curtiss School


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WaFoo Debut CD "Organic Mood"

Organic Mood 1. When the Moon Talks
2. Spring Thunder
3. Portrait of Spring
4. The Gala
5. Sakura Sakura
6. Felicity
7. Tales of Silence
8. Happy Song

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WaFoo: Organic Mood


Check out the WaFoo & MCCE Collaboration on YouTube


WaFoo Live on Ed Salek's Island Hop

by Staten Island Cable TV - Feb. 2008



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